Aluport Kalıp

Aluport Extrusion Mold Industry, which we established in Çorlu to provide faster and more reliable solutions to the large industrial enterprises developing in our region, has adopted the principle of development and growth with quality service and fast solutions. While proving its maturity in its region, it will achieve its goals with confident steps and continue its growth targets with the understanding of serving all of Turkey and then other countries.

Aluport Kalıp

Production Stages

When Aluport Kalıp is contacted, the company explains its needs and presents its product demands. Aluport Mold team evaluates the customer’s requests and determines whether the requests are technically possible by performing a manufacturability analysis. As a result of the analysis, the customer’s requests are combined with Aluport Kalıp’s experience and transformed into manufacturable demands.


01. Producibility Analysis

The process begins for the company that needs an aluminum extrusion profile mold.


02. Compliance Confirmation

As a result of this analysis, company demands are transformed into functional demands.


03. Synergy for Success

Profile molds that do not receive conformity approval are revised and made suitable for production.