Aluport Extrusion Mold Industry, founded by Oğulcan Sağdıç in 2021, is a company that is strengthened with the knowledge, experience and experience of Hasan Sağdıç, one of the leading correction masters in the sector, and is taking firm steps towards becoming one of the strong companies in its sector.


Aluport Extrusion Mold Industry, which we established in Çorlu to provide faster and more reliable solutions to the large industrial enterprises developing in our region, has adopted the principle of development and growth with quality service and fast solutions. While proving its maturity in its region, it will achieve its goals with confident steps and continue its growth targets with the understanding of serving all of Turkey and then other countries.

Our company, which will never compromise on quality service while achieving our growth targets, has adopted the principle of offering the most suitable solutions to its customers with the necessary human and machine power and its long-standing experience, knowledge and experience.


In our company, which we established with the understanding of quality and fast service, we provide our customers with the opportunity to make fast and trouble-free production with the molds we make by blending the latest technology machines with more than years of work experience.


Aluport Mold; It sees every company it works with as a part of its family and is committed to providing 24/7 service in all kinds of mold and profile works with its competent staff.