As Aluport Kalıp, we are aware that heat treatment is what truly makes steel steel, and therefore we work in close cooperation with companies that are experts in their fields. A proper and correct heat treatment improves the performance of the tool steel and therefore increases the durability and effectiveness of the die. But a quality heat treatment not only provides the desired hardness but also improves various other properties.

It provides long-lasting use in cold work tools by providing high wear resistance and impact resistance. In pressure casting molds, it increases thermal fatigue resistance by providing high toughness and thus increases the durability of the mold. It also improves important properties such as high corrosion resistance, gloss and dimensional stability.

As Aluport Kalıp, we aim to provide the highest level of satisfaction to our customers by adopting the best practices to produce quality and durable molds. Together with the heat treatment experts we collaborate with, we constantly work to optimize the performance and durability of our molds. This approach allows us to deliver quality and reliability that exceeds industry standards, so we are poised to meet and even exceed our customers’ expectations.